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Single Touch Payroll Compliance

Are you worried about your possible non-compliance with the implementation of the mandatory Single Touch Payroll? Do you need accounting and taxation experts to assist you with this new process of reporting to the Australian Taxation Office?

Howard Ghedia is your best choice in terms of accounting services particularly in your transition to Single Touch Payroll (STP). With an affordable price for all types of businesses, we can help you manage your accounting and payroll with the up-to-date software. With us, you no longer need to worry about non-compliance.

Our specialists have broad experience in both local and international accounting and payroll processes. This means that you’re going to work with the best experts in the field of accounting. Moreover, aside from helping you comply with STP, we also offer a wide range of services for your specific business needs.

If you want to have an easy and smooth transition to STP and for other accounting needs, contact us today.

We Have STP-Ready Accounting Software

Migration to Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting is mandatory. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has already implemented the use of STP for all businesses starting July 1, 2019. Therefore, all reports that include taxation and super information should go through the STP-enabled accounting software.

Unfortunately, there are corresponding penalties for not complying with the process beyond the grace period unless you have filed a deferral. Furthermore, to comply with the new ATO reporting standards, you need an updated accounting or payroll software that is compatible with STP.

Howard Ghedia is ready for your STP needs. For instance, we are proud to offer you the top-rated IPA Books+. It’s the newest, affordable and easy-to-use online accounting software that is STP-ready.

With this coolest online accounting software, you just need to add the payroll feature that includes STP. Besides, you get to manage pay runs, leave, and superannuation all for an unlimited number of employees.

Because it’s online, this accounting software also provides the flexibility of running your business anywhere. Therefore, wherever you go, you always have control over monitoring and managing your business

Information security is a big deal in every business. Therefore we ensure that our accounting software maintains the strongest data security. That means your data is stored and backed up in Australia using bank-level security and encryption.

If you want to know more about our STP-compliant software or you need assistance call us at 02 9899 5332.

We Say No to Accounting & Taxation Report Errors

More transparency and compliance with taxation and payroll regulations are the obvious reasons behind the Single Touch Payroll initiative. By this, ATO now has a more efficient and effective way to monitor compliance among all businesses.

With Single Touch Payroll, reports are now sent to ATO every time you pay your employees. In the same way, every employee can also access their payroll information in MyGov. It is for these reasons that you need the most accurate accounting and payroll reporting to maintain the integrity of your business.

Regular accounting and taxation reports have always been part of the most tedious and daunting tasks in a business. However, when done efficiently and effectively, this helps you bring your business to wherever you envisioned it to be.

Howard Ghedia can certainly take this heavy load for you by assigning the best accountants to take care of your taxation, payroll reporting and other business needs. Call us today to discuss your specific business’ STP compliance needs.

Contact Howard Ghedia Accountancy

Every business needs efficient and effective accounting practices to achieve its goals. Not only does it save you from errors and non-compliance to ATO business regulations, but it also will keep your business integrity on top.

To achieve a smooth business accounting and taxation reports management with the best accounting practices, your choice is Howard Ghedia Accountancy. We welcome your call today at 02 9899 5332.











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