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Howard Ghedia Accountancy offers an elite corporate registry service.

First, are you looking for information on forming a company? Do you need to re-register a company or possibly have a change in directors?

When running a company there are many facets to consider. It is good to have professionals on your side that knows the rules.

Are you a resident of Parramatta, Hills District and all surrounding areas?

Primarily, Howard Ghedia Accountancy offers excellent knowledge on all aspects of company procedures.

Furthermore, we understand the problems you may be facing in relation to running your company. We also have a full understanding if you are forming a company. Moreover, the complexities of the tax system and the laws that go along with this are difficult to interpret. Hence, you need a reliable and trustworthy accounting firm Parramatta in your corner. Undoubtedly, as time goes on so does the changes to your company. However, these changes can be for better or worse.

Australian Securities & Investment Commission

Clearly, it is a fact that companies develop over time. Hence, you should have top-rated assistance in your journey.  Additionally, we help our clients to reach the levels of success that you are striving for. Furthermore, one of the most important aspects of running a company is your communication with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Hence, we can do this on your behalf on a professional level.

Furthermore, when it comes to organising annual tax returns for companies at times can be complicated.

Clearly, we took the complication out of the whole process. We have systems in place to make this area of accountancy as easy as possible. Therefore, saving tax is highly important to a company. Finally, our firm will go over your return with a fine-tooth comb and get the results you want.

Managing The Directors

In relation to directors, many things can change. Hence, there can be increases and decreases in share capital. Directors can leave the company and in turn have a change of directors. Furthermore, if these happenings occur there are legal procedures and guidelines that should be followed. However, Howard Ghedia Accountancy can offer assistance in this process and get the results that are required.

We will advise and assist with changes to a business structure. As well as ensuring necessary records are maintained and the appropriate filings made.

Our Corporate Registry Services Include:

  • First, Formation of limited companies
  • Then, Re-registration of companies and public limited companies
  • Next, Provision of registered office
  • Provision of Company Secretary (optional)
  • Preparation of annual returns
  • Increases in share capital
  • Changes of directors
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • After that, Preparation of minutes of directors’ meetings and annual general meetings
  • Lastly, Communications with Australian Securities and Investment Commission

Therefore, if you need expert advice and actions on any aspect of your company. We urge you to contact us for solutions. In addition, please see our many reviews on Google Business. You can also find us Facebook and most social platforms.

Howard Ghedia Accountancy is your ally and friend in the world of corporate business. Additionally, we have experience in the very early days in business to complex international corporate accountancy practices.

We look forward to your enquiry.

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