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Norwest Business Park

Things You Should About Norwest Business Park

Norwest Business Park Facts

Norwest Business Park – Primarily, Norwest Business Park is situated in the Hills Shire Sydney between the old Windsor road and the Windsor road. It is located just 38 km northwest of Sydney. Furthermore, the business park lies between these two busy roads. Hence, this is the perfect spot for the commercial business sector in Sydney. Norwest Business Park is growing daily. The park primarily serves people that live in the Hill District and surrounding areas.

There are currently around 500 companies and businesses already based in the district. These range from professional services such as law and accountancy. There is a range of medical and office buildings to serve local residents. The park boasts childcare centres and a modern post office where you are able to drive through. Other facilities include world-class gyms and other healthy options. Additionally, Bella Vista Hotel offers top-rated accommodation

Largest Ice-Skating Rink in Australia

Norwest Business Park is currently the home of Australia’s largest ice-skating rink. There are plenty of food outlets and restaurants to choose from. The park is aimed at the enjoyment of families and people wanting to do business. It is estimated that over 25000 people are currently employed at the Norwest Business Park.

Norwest Business park is fully equipped when it comes to landscaping. Especially with manicured green lawns and waterways. The spaces are fully open and for the enjoyment of everyone in the park. This includes families, business people and local residents.



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Banking & Transport

There is a list of banks in the business park for everyone’s convenience. The location has been part of the success of Norwest Business Park. Transportation includes buses and cycling.

Since the opening of the M7 created an exit to the west end of the park. There is a connection to the middle of Sydney’s CBD and another connection to the airport.

The position at Norwest Business Park is easy to access at Parramatta. Generally, this is done via the Northwest T-Way. Public transport is available linking you to the city via this route.

Norwest Business Park Railway Station

Another major leap forwarding is the construction of the Norwest Business Parks railway station. Which started officially in 2016. Furthermore, the station will be equipped with modern assets. Moreover, these assets include a pedestrian tunnel linking to the Market Place Shopping Plaza. As well as bicycle amenities and plenty of parking. There is also a widening of the road at Norwest Boulevard along with new traffic lights.

Impressively, you will arrive at Martin Place in 30 minutes or Wynyard station in just under 40 minutes in the future.

Starting Up Business in the Norwest Business Park

Clearly, starting a business or expanding a business in the park is a smart move. You will be engaging in a growing business community. Furthermore, it’s estimated that there will be over 35 000 working people in 2024 doing business in the direct local community.

Howard Ghedia Accountancy has an office in Norwest Business Park. Furthermore, they offer awesome startup business packages in starting up or expanding into Parramatta and the Hills District.