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Looking for knowledgeable a Mortgage Broker in Parramatta and surrounding suburbs? Do you need a quality mortgage broker in the Hills District of Sydney? Do you want to save money on your mortgage? We understand the mortgage industry and the way the banking system works. Let us show the best mortgage to suit you personally. Everyone is different so choosing the correct loan for the right individual situation is imperative.

Whether you are a First Home Buyer, an Owner Occupier, an Investor, a Renovator, a Wage or Salary Earner, are Self-Employed, operate under a Family or Unit Trust structure or own a Company, Australian Financial Innovations will assess your financial needs and assist you in applying for the most appropriate loan for you or your business.

When was the last time you reviewed your existing loan options? Refinancing your existing loans could save you thousands and give you better features. We can advise if this would be the case.

Wage or Salary Earners can be working Full Time or Part Time. Self-Employed people can be running their own business or Contracting to others. We can also source “Low Doc Loans” for those who are self-employed and whose financial accounts have not yet been prepared.

If you are thinking of moving to a new house to upsize, downsize or just relocate, renovate your existing home or build an extension, or build a new home on a vacant block of land, whatever it is, we can help.

If you want to buy at Auction, we can provide a pre-approved loan up to a pre-determined amount so you can bid with confidence (final formal approval is subject to suitable security being available).

If you are considering borrowing to invest, we have access to established financial advisers who will work in partnership with us to ensure that your investments are viable and tax effective. Creating wealth by borrowing against the equity* in an existing property may be a worthwhile option for some, but the advice of a licensed Financial Adviser is a must.

* The current market value of property owned fewer amounts owed.

Home Loans

Home Loans are primarily used to purchase a home to live in secured by the house and land itself. The amount you can borrow is limited to the value of the security offered less a margin applied by the lender. You can generally borrow up to 80% of the security’s current market value but you may be able to borrow more if you agree to take out Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

Investment Loans

Similar to a Home Loan but for the purpose of purchasing an Investment property that will be rented out to others. It is always important to seek independent financial advice from a qualified financial adviser before entering into any sort of investment.

Construction Loans

For the purpose of building a home or investment property. The loan is generally provided in stages as the property is being built. Loan repayments are not generally required until construction is complete however you may need to meet any loan interest as construction progresses.

Line of Credit / Personal Overdrafts

A Line of Credit (also known as a Personal Overdraft or Equity Loan) has a predetermined approved amount of money (a limit) that can be utilized as required at any time. Lines of Credit are generally secured by the owners’ equity in a property and are sometimes provided in conjunction with other types of loans. These come in many different flavours and borrowers must be disciplined to remain within approved limits.

Commercial Loans / Overdrafts and Leasing

These are loans specifically for any worthwhile business venture including the purchase of business premises, stock, other business assets and equipment and to meet the business’s cash flow requirements.

Howard Ghedia’s Experience In Finance Industry

Howard Ghedia is an MFAA Certified Broker and Mentor to the new entrant to the Mortgage & Finance industry. Howard Ghedia is Director of What Loan Pty Ltd. Howard has been a Mortgage Broker for over 25 years and has had over 35 year’ s experience in the banking and finance industry. He holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management) and Australian Credit License 38 9886. He is very experienced finance broker and does very complex loan deals involving residential developments, residential home & commercial property loans, equipment & finance, personal loans and business loans.

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