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Howard Ghedia - Accounting Expert Kellyville

Why do most small businesses are afraid of outsourced accounting services? Can it be too expensive? Will management of the company be in the control of someone else? What they don't see is that outsourcing is among the most helpful and effective administrative instruments for conserving both time and cash.

Accounting is the lifeline of each company. However, without proper accounting methods in place. A company is destined to fail. The issue boils down to time.

Managers and owners often spend a lot of time which their principal company consequently suffers. That is where Howard Ghedia comes. Our accounting solutions will match your current business needs, in saving time and money. We offer our quality services through the expertise of our staff and skills in accounting.

Accounting Expert Kellyville - Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is your recording, daily, financial transactions and advice on your business. It ensures that documents of the individual monetary transactions are right, up-to-date as well as comprehensive. 

Bookkeeping provides advice where accounts are ready. It's a different process, that happens within the wider reach of bookkeeping. 

Every transaction, like selling or purchasing, needs to be recorded. There are normally set structures set up for accounting, which help ensure the accuracy of recorded documents.

Bookkeeping - Why does it matter?

It might appear clear, detailed, comprehensive bookkeeping is vital for companies of all sizes. Seemingly simple, accounting quickly becomes more complicated with the addition of taxation, loans, assets, and investments.

Tracking the financial activities of a company is your truest purpose of accounting, meaning it lets you maintain an up-to-date list of their incoming and outgoing quantities, amounts owed by clients and by the company, and much more.

Bookkeeping - What does it do?

Bookkeeping and accounting are usually heard and used interchangeably, but accounting is your total practice of managing to finance a business or person. However, bookkeeping refers more especially to the activities and practices involved with documenting the financial pursuits.

Bookkeeping means documenting and monitoring the amounts involved with the financial side of the company in an organized manner. It's vital for companies, but can also be helpful for people and non-profit businesses.

Bookkeeping - Basic Types of Bookkeeping for Small Businesses


Money. It will not get more basic than that. All of your company transactions pass through the cash account, and it can be indeed important that frequently bookkeepers really to monitor the action.


The sales account monitors all incoming earnings from everything sold. Records of earnings in a timely and precise manner are important to understanding where your business standings.


The purchases account monitors any raw materials or finished products that you purchase for your industry. 


Unsold goods are similar to cash sitting on a shelf and have to be carefully accounted for and monitored. The amounts on your publications should be periodically analyzed by performing bodily counts of stock available.

Accounts Receivable

Sold goods or provide services that do not receive payment instantly, you've accumulated receivables or credits due from clients. You have to monitor the accounts receivable and keep this up to date so you send timely and accurate bills or statements.

Accounts Payable

Basically, nobody likes to send cash from the company, but a very clear view of everything through your Accounts Payable makes it a bit less painful. Concise accounting helps guarantee timely payments and prevent paying twice!


Borrowed money to purchase vehicles, equipment, furniture or other equipment for your company, this record monitors payment and due dates.


For many companies, payroll expenses may be the biggest expense of all. Maintaining these accounts accurate and up to date is critical for fulfilling the tax and other authorities reporting requirements. Shirking those duties will set you in a serious situation.

Owners Equity

This account includes a wonderful ring to it. Essentially, it monitors the amount an owner puts into the business enterprise. 

Furthermore, owners equity reflects the sum of money an owner has liabilities are subtracted from resources.

Retained Earnings

The Retained Earnings account monitors any firm gains that are reinvested in the company and aren't paid from the owners.

Furthermore, retained earnings are cumulative so that they look like a running total of cash that's been retained because the company began. 

However, handling this account does not take a good deal of time and so is essential to lenders and investors that wish to monitor how the business has stood over time.

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